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General information:

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My name is Jakub (Jacob) Wiszniewski and I’m a Thai-English interpreter-fixer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (Master’s Degree in Ethnolinguistics, specialization in Thai language).

I have been living in Thailand for over 7 years, during which I had a chance to travel extensively throughout both Thailand and many of its neighboring countries. My language skills and the experience of living in the Kingdom over a substantial period of time gave me practical knowledge of this country, its people and their culture. Being passionate about Thai language and culture and by constantly developing my skills and expanding my knowledge, I’m sure I will be able to manage various tasks and would be happy to help with any cross-cultural communication, whether during a business trip or during private visits to the country.


General and business interpretation services *

Sourcing agent services *

Fixer services *

Interpretation services:

I would be happy to help with any cross-cultural communication by Thai-English interpreting during meetings, trade fairs, negotiations with Thai business partners, shopping, travelling, etc.

Translator-Interpreter Experience: GlobTra – Jakub Wiszniewski

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Sourcing services in Thailand:

For decades Thailand has been a veritable wonderland for various products and commodities up for export and good profit back home. Thai products are not only available at an attractive price, but are also renowned for their exceptional designs, colors and good quality.

The Kingdom being an export-oriented country has many different and interesting commodities to offer. Some of the most popular and famous ones include: textiles (especially silk), ready-made clothes, footwear, home décor items, furniture, handicraft, gem stones and jewelry, electronics, car spare parts, food stuffs, spices and many more.

All that being said, and the fact that Thailand is strategicallysourcing services Thailand located in the middle of the Indochinese Peninsula with its capital Bangkok being an important international transport and export hub of Southeast Asia, makes this country an attractive destination to start a successful business.

As a Westerner living in the bustling capital of Thailand, being exposed to Thai style of life and culture every day, combined with fluent Thai language skills and practical, up-to-date knowledge of the situation in the country makes me capable of taking on various assignments and jobs, as follows:

  • assistance with getting in touch with business partners both in Thailand and Southeast Asia
  • assistance with maintaining cordial and constant contact with Southeast Asian business partners, writing e-mails, official letters, doing translations
  • sourcing commodities and prospective business partners from Thailand, doing Thai Internet research on prospective export products or services needed
  • coordinating and overseeing cooperation with Thai business partners here in the Kingdom, paying official visits to business partners,  visiting factories and overseeing production process

Fixer and film crew assistant in Thailand:

For quite some time now Thailand has been a renowned destination for shooting movies and commercials due to its beautiful, exotic locations and great, easily foreseeable weather well suited for the industry. More over, there is no need to drag all the equipment or fly in an army of people from abroad as there are plenty of specialized and experienced companies, production houses and studios ready to cater for all your needs. The big expat community and a thriving Thai modeling business can support all the extras, models or actors needed for the job as well.

interpreter-fixer ThailandAll that, of course, being usually cheaper than shooting the same project at home or elsewhere. Apart from that, Thailand and the whole of Southeast Asia is never short of exotic and thrilling stories to make into a documentary or a travel program.

My fluent Thai language skills, practical knowledge of the country, its people and their culture, combined with experience of working in the Thai movie industry, makes me capable of taking on various assignments and jobs connected with this industry as follows:

  • researching on potential movie or documentary topics, gathering information, contacting parties involved or requesting various permits needed for the project, negotiating, etc. (Fixing)
  • contacting and coordinating with various companies from the movie industry e.g. modeling agencies, studios, lightning companies, etc.
  • logistics of the project, coordinating, accommodation, transport, etc.
  • Thai-English translation, writing official letters and e-mails
  • on-set Thai-English interpreting, language and communication assistance during the stay and travel in the country
  • video translation, subtitling and time-coding

Some of my recent jobs:

  • translating, subtitling and time-coding into Polish of a Thai language video being part of a TV program “Hotele marzeń – Tajlandia”, produced by TVN Style TV station
  • video transcription for Andovar studios Thailand
  • fixer and coordinator of a film crew shooting „Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt” TV show for EndemolShine Germany GmbH, Bangkok, Thailand
  • fixer, coordinator and Thai to English interpreter for a film crew during the shooting of a series of documentary programs “Galileo” for Comberry Ltd., Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Kanchanaburi, Trat, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
  • Thai-English interpreter during the shooting of an episode of the documentary series “Galileo” for Comberry Ltd., Uttaradit, Thailand
  • translating, subtitling and time-coding into Polish of a Thai language video being part of the documentary “The monk from the sea”, produced by Centrala Sp. z o.o. production house


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